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"While Benezet's antislavery influence touched many individuals, both inside and beyond Quaker circles, the power and efficacy of his influence can be seen most succinctly in the lives of three British antislavery activists, Granville Sharp, John Wesley and Thomas Clarkson. These three comprise a powerful and multifaceted voice from the latter part of the eighteenth century into the 1830s. Sharp represents a voice that reached the law courts and changed the legal position in England. Wesley became a prophetic voice to the mushrooming evangelical movement in England and America. Clarkson worked behind the scenes as a researcher and correspondent to make possible the eventual Parliamentary overthrow of both the slave trade and slavery."


Chapter 4 of To Be Silent ... Would Be Criminal, The Antislavery Influence and Writings of Anthony Benezet (Pietist and Wesleyan Studies, No. 20) The Scarecrow Press, 2007.