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Over the last half century or more of Johannine scholarship, three issues have been of primary critical concern. One subject of interest has been the literary origin and composition of the Fourth Gospel. A second has been the application of new-literary analyses to the Johannine narrative, wherein the literary artistry and rhetorical design of the text is studied in order to discern how John’s message is conveyed in the interest of better understanding what is being said. A third area of interest has been a sustained interest in the Johannine situation, seeking to learn more about the history of Johannine Christianity. This field of inquiry provides a means of coming to grips with what issues were being faced by the Johannine hearers and readers, helping interpreters better understand how John’s story of Jesus was crafted as a means of addressing issues contemporary with the evangelist and his audience. It is within this third field of inquiry that Richard Cassidy’s book, John’s Gospel in New Perspective, makes an important contribution that is especially relevant to studies of empire and early Christianity


Originally published as Foreword to John’s Gospel in New Perspective: Christology and the Realities of Roman Power, by Richard J. Cassidy, Johannine Monograph Series 3 (Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2015; edited and critical introduction by Paul N. Anderson, xi-xxiii).

Used by permission of Wipf and Stock Publishers.

ISBN: 9781498202336