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AMONG THE MOST PROVOCATIVE New Testament scholars of the twentieth century, Ernst Kasemann tops the list, and his most striking work is The Testament of fesus. 1 This brief book is significant not because the bulk of Johannine scholars have fully agreed with it; indeed, most have taken exception to many of its points. The impact of Kasemann's 1966 Shaffer Lectures, delivered at Yale Divinity School and rendered in book form in German and English over the next couple of years, lay in his capacity to communicate worthy insights in sharp and provocative ways, blocking some paths of discussion while opening others.


Originally published as the Foreword to The Testament of Jesus, A Study of the Gospel of John in the Light of Chapter 17, by Ernst Käsemann, published 11/15/2017. Wipf & Stock.

Used by permission of Wipf and Stock Publishers.

ISBN 13: 978-1-4982-8883-5

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