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"What does it mean to receive a holy calling?" That's a good question! Whereas "holy" is an adjective, describing the just and loving character of God, a "calling" is the activity by which we are encountered by God in a way which transforms ourselves and our reasons for being. The image associated with a calling is an invitation to come and join another person in a task and into a personal relationship. Notice how a calling is the opposite of a command or an order. An order sends some­one away with a task to be completed (Keleuo). A calling, however (Kaleo), invites the called to join the caller in partnership. Out of the rela­tionship between partners, then, emerges a sense of mission and the em­powerment with which to effect it. Every spiritual calling is founded upon a spiritual encounter between ourselves and God. And, every spiritual encounter becomes a divine call­ing with a mission to be carried out. Spiritual encounters and holy callings are inextricably entwined. One cannot exist without the other coming in­to being.