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Excerpt: "In his book The Path of Perfect Love, Diogenes Allen suggests that it is because of our inability to perceive the reality of other people and things that we don’t grasp what brings out the fundamental feature of love, viz. the recognition or perception of things beside one’s self. The reader may recall that both Badhwar and Royce made reference, the latter extensively, to the importance of recognizing the reality of the other person if one is to love. Allen focuses deeply on this theme. I will briefly present Allen’s position in section I and turn to a sermon given by Meister Eckhart in section II. These reflections allow us to pursue, in section III, the notion of transparency. Section IV summarizes the various things we have learned along the way, putting them into the broader context of transparency. Section V proposes an account of the human individual that links the individual through transparency to the community. Providing an ontology of the heavenly individual in turn provides for the ontology of love for, as it turns out, love is an enduring component of the individual properly understood."


This is a pre peer-reviewed version of chapter fourteen of To Know as I Am Known: The Communion of the Saints and the Ontology of Love, originally published by Vernon Press, February 2019.

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