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Excerpt: "The Gospel of Matthew presents a lucid and compelling portrait of Jesus as the Jewish Messiah for third-generation Christians. Having shown Jesus to be descended from David and Abraham (1:1), and fulfilling all righteousness (3:15), Matthew addresses followers of Jesus with such issues as the way of the kingdom (5:2- 16), the order of the church (18: 15-20), and the Great Commission (28:18-20). Along with John, Matthew was the great teaching Gospel of the early church, and it continues to be a favorite for discerning Christian living in every generation."


Originally published in Feasting on the Gospels--Matthew, Volume 2 (Hardback), A Feasting on the Word Commentary, edited by Cynthia A. Jarvis E. Elizabeth Johnson, Westminster John Knox Press, 2013.

ISBN: 9780664233945