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As the calendar approaches Easter, made-for-television movies and documentaries appear on the History Channel, CNN, the National Geographic Channel, and other venues; and, why not? Christianity is the largest religion in the world, and there’s a great deal of interest within society at large, as well as among the believing faithful. As Robert Cargill points out in the introit to Jesus: His Life, “The Story of Jesus is the greatest story ever told.” Or, as Ben Witherington III notes, “If we want to understand western civilization at all, we must understand the story of Jesus.” In that sense, this eight-part series on Jesus and his life is of interest both to believers and others, and the series produced by Nutopia for the History Channel the four Monday evenings before Easter is certainly worth taking in. As the series claims for itself,


Originally published in The Bible and Interpretation (Pt. 1, March 2019):

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