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Excerpt: "Leadership within the Johannine situation has been approached from various angles, ranging from structures of leadership, to the location of Johannine Christianity with relation to other groups, to the identity/nonidentity of Johannine leaders. Common to these and other inquiries regarding leadership within the Johannine situation, however, is a focus on the character and operation of leadership that is proposed, both of which relate centrally to abiding in the truth. Further, the call to abide in the truth pits this value over lesser alternatives in ways apparent over the longitudinal span of the Johannine situation. It comes to a head in the later stages of the Johannine situation, but it does not begin there."


Originally published as a chapter, (pages 290-318) in Rethinking the Ethics of John: “Implicit Ethics” in the Johannine Writings; WUNT 291; Contexts and Norms of New Testament Ethics, Vol. 3. Edited by Jan van der Watt and Ruben Zimmermann (Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2012).

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