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The chapter examines the socio-ecclesial or practical theological situation of Asian Americans, of which Korean Americans are a part and out of which Korean American evangelical diasporas seek their unique cultural faith formation-the topics of the following chapters.1 The Asian American socio-ecclesial context is a hard one to analyze because of its cultural complexity. Mainly, the complexity comes from the dual identity or double consciousness of Asian American life-being Asian on the one hand and American on the other. This hybridity without a doubt complicates the cultural investigation of Asian American Christianity. At the same time, however, that hybridity is a key research focus, which will reveal core values of living, the apparent spiritual struggles, fundamental cultural and racial conflicts, and emotional, psychological, and religious issues of Asian American life.2 Below, I explore that puzzling Asian American Christian context, relying on three major Asian American scholarly figures (or groups).


Sunggu Yang, Evangelical Pilgrims from the East: Faith Fundamentals of Korean American Protestant Diasporas, 2016, reproduced by permission of Palgrave Macmillan.

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