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Review of Political Affections: Civic Participation and Moral Theology. By JOSHUA HORDERN. Pp. 336. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 2013. ISBN: 978-0-19-964681-4.

“Fire tends upwards, stone downwards. By their weight they are moved and seek their proper place ... My love is my weight: wherever I go my love is what brings me there” (Augustine, Confessions 13.9). Augustine long ago recognized that affections are an inescapable dimension of human existence. Why, then, have emotions and affections been so largely neglected, even opposed, in political philosophy? In Political Affections, Joshua Hordern, University Lecturer in Christian Ethics at the University of Oxford and Fellow of Harris Manchester College, explores “the nature of affections, their role in morality, and their significance for political relations” (1). Hordern weaves together insights from political theory, biblical studies, Christian theology, neuroscience, and cognitive psychology in this wide-ranging investigation of affections’ role in human moral and political life.


Originally published by Political Theology

Volume. 16, Number. 3 (2015), 285-287.

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