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The Beane Lecture, given at William Penn University in Oskaloosa, Iowa April 1, 2014.

From the conclusion: "As we choose to persist in the habits of truth-telling, transparency, and trustworthiness, we can build lives of integrity. We can be “the real deal.” I could make a strong case for doing this based on biblical teaching. But frankly, I think that almost universally we want integrity in our life together, in our relationships, in our business and agreements with one another, in our leadership, and in our courts. We like people who tell the truth, who are genuine, and who we can count on. But perhaps more than that, I believe that at our core, most of us want to be whole and authentic persons, without fraud or pretense, without defensiveness or fear. We want the conWidence and freedom of being one who lives with integrity. So with the suggestions I’ve made and in other ways you’ll discover, I invite you to walk in that life day to day."