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This is the full text of Counseling and the Demonic, by Rodger K. Bufford, PhD. Word Publishing (June 1, 1995)

‎ 978-0849936166

Table of Contents:

1. The Devil Made Me Do It

2. Satan Is Alive and Active

3. Biblical Accounts of Satanic Activity

4. Faulty Thinking: Separating the Spiritual and the Physical

5. Mental Illness

6. Mental Disorders

7. Demon Possession

8. Demonic Influence and Mental Disorders

9. Assessment and Diagnosis of Demonic Influence

10. Spiritual Interventions

11. Counseling Approaches

12. Summary and Conclusion

" The tendency to polarize the material and spiritual dimensions produces disagreement over whether demonic influence or mental disorders account
for unusual human behavior. This disagreement has a long history, and continues both inside and outside the Christian church. It will be our goal to examine both sides of this issue, to suggest that mental disorders and demonic influence are related, and to recommend ways to identify and treat persons
experiencing demonic involvement."