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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


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Paul Shelton


The field of management has built a wealth of literature on turnaround management as well as the effect unethical actions have upon organizations. However, there has been less study on the application of these topics to turnarounds specifically in small, regional, public institutions of higher education. It is important that an institution of higher education that has been affected by an ethical failure execute a turnaround to restore trust and faith in the organization, internally and externally. A small, regional, public institution of higher education in the upper Midwest recently encountered a series of organizational difficulties that negatively influenced its reputation. An organizational course change was necessary. The research titled “The Management of a Turnaround after an Ethical Breech in a Public Institution of Higher Education” applies the differing, yet related, theories of turnaround management and the restoration of trust to a small, public institution of higher education. The research investigated whether or not the university employees (faculty, staff, and administrators) believed that the organization and its leadership had demonstrated a process/path illustrative of a turnaround. Ultimately, the research investigated the theory that institutions of higher education can be restored through an ethical turnaround (Hofer, 1980; Patnaik & Sahoo, 2010; Puffer & McCarthy, 2008).

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