Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


School of Business

First Advisor

Paul Shelton, PhD

Second Advisor

Marlon Ware, DBA

Third Advisor

Bradley Winton, DBA


Multinational corporations encounter numerous challenges in making ethical decisions as they navigate diverse factors in every country where they conduct business. Building on the theoretical work of Ellestad and Winton, this study tested a main component of their argument. This quantitative analysis looked at the relationship between the national culture an individual resides in and that individual’s level of integrity. Hofstede’s original four dimensions are used in conjunction with Schlenker’s Integrity Scale to explain and quantify those measures. This study examined 160 working and retired individuals in the United States. The findings demonstrate that national power distance and masculinity are negatively related to an individual’s level of integrity. Additionally, an individual’s level of uncertainty avoidance is positively related to integrity. This study contributes to the literature and practice by demonstrating how the culture in which one resides has an impact on the level of integrity one holds. The paper concludes with recommendations for the future direction of research for ethical decision-making models for multinational organizations.