Date of Award


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Project Portfolio

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Doctor of Leadership in Global Perspectives (DLd)



First Advisor

Rebecca Jeong, PhD

Second Advisor

Karen Tremper, PhD

Third Advisor

Jason Swan Clark, DMin, PhD


My NPO is: Churches struggle being relevant forces but could become restorative and thriving communities by rethinking traditional approaches to ecclesiology through reframing Biblical koinonia, mission, and worship. Curating a well-balanced “third space” that offers opportunities for people to engage in their spiritual pilgrimage will fill a void in our context. Additionally, it will offer the universal church another way to nurture community, define worship, and practice relational mission daily through radical hospitality. I serve a Presbyterian Church in North Carolina. The focus is to serve an 8-mile radius in the Piedmont Triad area focusing on the Nones and Dones of the community. This project is a detailed business plan for a community-based enterprise focused on coffee, wine/craft beer, food, and yoga. The plan also includes market analysis, competition, SWAT, financials, marketing, and a management summary. This business plan includes important elements that may be adapted and utilized by various organizations for their context. The Guiding principle is the belief that when people gather around the table, something powerful happens; sacramental community forms and in the act of sharing a meal the embodiment of worship takes place. The strength feasting together has in breaking down walls allows for Christ to bind the community together. Around the table people find space for vulnerability and authenticity. The mission of restoration for humanity through radical hospitality will not only inform koinonia but worship as well. This business plan will off the church universal an entryway to a new or reframed understanding of mission, worship and koinonia. This project lays a foundation for the church to engage in innovation around discovering what it means to be a new creation; reframing our Biblical images of worship, mission and koinonia will inform what it means to be church and how to embody church in fresh ways.