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Doctor of Leadership in Global Perspectives (DLd)



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Kristin Hamilton, DLd

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Christine Roush, DMin


For people to be seen, heard, and understood, it is important for a leader to ask good questions. If this does not take place in a small group or within an organization, people do not feel appreciated. Often the result is people leaving a small group or organization. In order to address this need I have wanted to educate organizational leaders in the skill of asking good questions. As a marriage and family therapist I have experienced the power that questions bring. It is my hope to empower organizational leaders with tools for them to connect with those they lead.

While in the Discover and Design phases of my research process, I initially wanted to address small group leaders in churches, but this did not incorporate those I wanted to reach. In addition to being a marriage and family therapist, I am a consultant for businesses. I chose to focus on organizational leaders who will benefit from learning to ask good questions. My final NPO became: Many organizational leaders do not have the skills necessary to connect with staff and constituents in a way that builds lasting results.

The key benefit in training organizational leaders in asking powerful questions will result in people remaining connected to their company, church, or small group. I have created a series of podcasts which is the initial phase in my project to reach organizational leaders. Each podcast features an organizational leader who I interview as a guest, a question that Jesus asked and commentary on this question, and a resource that leaders can access if they choose. This resource is available currently on Spotify, a podcast platform and will be offered through a website in the future. Future resources will be created and available on a website to empower leaders in their leadership role.

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