Date of Award


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Project Portfolio

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Doctor of Leadership in Global Perspectives (DLd)



First Advisor

Kristin Hamilton, DLd

Second Advisor

Christine Roush, DMin

Third Advisor

Jason Swan Clark, DMin, PhD


Within Lubbock County there is not an accessible life skills training program that mentors an individual's internal (emotional) and external (financial) growth simultaneously. My focus is on mentoring at risk individuals with a hand up and not a hand out within my community. It is also applicable to individuals who want to help strengthen the lives of disadvantaged and/or at risk members in their community. It is most helpful to mentors as business owners, a manager, or a non-profit organization. However, it could also be useful to community members that would like to complete a long term service project. Ideally this is a program that can be replicated in many facets and/or capacities throughout the globe as the premise is to simply love on others through job skills, training and mentorship. Factors that contribute to hindering the success of at-risk individuals are generational systemic development, economic hardships, lack of mentorship, lack of accessible education, inequality, limited access to healthcare, geographical locations, and a lack of job opportunities due to qualifications related to job skills and/or training. This easily replicable program is a holistic approach that is designed to not only teach the necessary job skills that would further their family but also mentor the individuals daily needs, decision making, and spiritual growth.