Date of Award


Document Type

Project Portfolio

Degree Name

Doctor of Leadership in Global Perspectives (DLd)



First Advisor

Julie Dodge, DMin

Second Advisor

Pablo Morales, DMin

Third Advisor

Jason Clark, DMin, PhD


All people who feel disconnected need equal opportunity for nurturing belonging, healing and community through nature and spiritual formation. Participants of the project ‘nature, journey’ benefitted from finding belonging in community, healing and connection through nature, and spiritual formation. Participants of the program also experienced an increased level of fitness, outdoor education and wilderness skills development. During a time of global Pandemic and increased social-isolation, community and connection are possible, perhaps even essential. The project ‘nature, journey’ offered the opportunity of community for individuals experiencing disconnection. The context for the community engagement of ‘nature, journey,’ begins on the street in the city, and comes together on the trail in nature. Every week, the group of participants journeyed to a new location wherein belonging was nurtured and healing connection was experienced through nature and practices of spiritual formation. The project ‘nature, journey’ was offered over a period of 8 weeks for individuals of the Mustard Seed Street Church community, a street church in Victoria, British Columbia (Canada). The program was extended to those who have experienced disconnection and who have expressed an interest in the possibility of finding belonging in community. Planned, weekly hiking excursions, throughout the first 7 weeks of the program, prepared participants for a concluding, multi-day, adventure on a rugged west coast Vancouver Island trail. Healing and belonging were encouraged in natural environments to draw connection between the wholeness and togetherness of the individual and community, alongside the wonderful example of life revealed through all of creation. The shared experience of healing and belonging was reinforced, as we journeyed together, in the offering of spiritual formation and soul care practices.