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With the rapid development of logistics, the operation and management of logistics enterprise becomes more complex and changeable. Under the background, it has become the urgent problem for the policy-maker to resolve that how to construct the highly effective information system, how to apply the information technology, how to carry on the all-the-way tracking, how to enhance the collection, processing and serviceability of information and how to shorten the exchange of information and the operation time. Along with the rapidly growth of domestic as well as domestic and international volume of trade and the fast development of container fleet, that caused more and more phenomena of traffic jam in the gate of container terminal. It indicated that the traditional manual way could no longer satisfy the need of domestic port to develop rapidly, therefore the automated advancement of management of the road and the water transport became especially important. This aspect technology research and application will be advantageous to the road modern management, simultaneously will also impel the fast development of container terminal, therefore in domestic and foreign all will introduce the RFID technology to the information system of the logistics profession.

At the linkage between customs and ports, the electronic vehicle number management system based on RFID could improve effectively the environment of going through customs and cargo circulation. Through the unification management on the intercourse vehicles, providing the electronic vehicle tag, and equipping RFID reader in the key monitoring point, may collect the vehicle data by accurate prompt recognition of the supervising vehicle with the electronic vehicle tag. Simultaneously the information of vehicle will be submitted management system to complete the confirmation, inquiry, statistic and dispatch of the vehicle’s status. Using the automatic check system of customs and ports may sharpen the customs vehicles traveling capability effectively, be possible to the real-time statistical monitor vehicles information, prevent the wrong or lost examines, enhance the efficiency of going through customs, simultaneously may prevent organization larceny and attack smuggling.

According to the application of RFID in container terminal and the customs’ supervising and managing request, this article proposes the thorough application plan in the gate of container terminal based on RFID.


A thesis Submitted to Dalian Maritime University In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Engineering by Jiying Song (Transportation Planning and Management)

Thesis Supervisor: Associate Professor Li Xiangwen

September 2008