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Doctor of Education (EdD)


School of Education

First Advisor

Dane Joseph, PhD

Second Advisor

Gary Sehorn, EdD

Third Advisor

Karen Buchanan, EdD


Research sought to improve student engagement in a digital learning environment using an improvement science dissertation in practice (ISDiP) framework of a strategize, implement, analyze, and reflect (SIAR) cycle. The ISDiP convened a network improvement community (NIC) to conduct a 90-day SIAR cycle. The NIC implemented four strategies to address systems, instruction, culture, and leadership functions present at a high school in Oregon. These strategies included progress monitoring and support of students by their Advisory teacher using existing systems, connecting instruction by regularly providing student engagement resources to teachers, including culture by connecting with families of English learners, and using leadership to provide teachers with timely and accessible data. Results from a follow-up survey did not indicate that improvement in student achievement was attained. However, the analysis of districtwide survey results, improved student-achievement, and student attitudes towards Advisory teachers may suggest improvement in student engagement and other outcomes was accomplished.

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