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Doctor of Education (EdD)


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Dr. Karen Buchanan

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Dr. Dane Joseph

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Dr. Gary Sehorn


This multiple case study investigated the experiences of culturally and linguistically diverse teachers who came to teach through participation in a Grow Your Own teacher preparation program. The study explored the ways in which the culturally and linguistically diverse educators viewed their participation in the Grow Your Own (GYO) program as impeding or facilitating persistence through their teacher preparation. The study shares the stories of three participants through narrative case reports and then highlights cross-case replications. Looking at the stories through a critical framework, the researcher identified three primary commonalities across the cases including a) the participants’ view of language as both part of culture and as a separate, important part of identity apart from culture, b) the critical nature of community and connection as part of the participants’ GYO experience, and c) the experience of barriers to persistence through the program. Implications for practice shared in the study focus on the perspectives shared by participants regarding the future development of Grow Your Own programs focused on equity.

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