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Doctor of Education (EdD)


School of Education

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Dane Joseph, Ph.D.

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Scot Headley, Ph.D.

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Gary Sehorn, Ed.D.


This multiple case study investigated the experiences of three Oregon K-12 educational leaders and their perspectives on the potential of Outcome Mapping, through the implementation of the Student Success Act, as a catalyst for improved statewide accountability and increased academic achievement for Oregon's students. Outcome Mapping is a theory-driven model developed from the "black box" problem in accountability that focuses its measurement on the process by which change occurs, instead of just the results of the change, attempting to ultimately link cause and effect relationships. Few previous studies have explored the use of Outcome Mapping within the context of education. Even fewer, if any, had explored Outcome Mapping as a critical lever within a statewide public K-12 schools accountability framework. Through one-on-one interviews, this study shares the stories of an Oregon Department of Education state-level leader, a school district superintendent, and a program/building administrator through narrative case reports and then highlights cross-case findings on their description of Oregon's K-12 accountability transformation to include Outcome Mapping.

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