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Doctor of Education (EdD)


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Maranda Turner, Ed.D.

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Jenelle Stone, Ph.D.


This Improvement Science Dissertation in Practice (ISDiP) aimed to address the persistent challenge of training and supporting five new-to-the-profession Two-Way Immersion (TWI) teachers using instructional coaching to strengthen their teaching skills and self-efficacy. TWI programs require that teachers possess a specific set of instructional and language skills, yet must frequently onboard new teachers who have not been trained to teach in such programs. In this ISDiP, school leadership sought to support five new TWI teachers using a coaching model centered on Spanish language development strategies with the goal of improving teacher self- efficacy. Individuals representing school and district leadership formed a Network Improvement Community (NIC) to design the change idea, assess its effectiveness, and plan for future iterations. They measured growth using the Teachers’ Sense of Self-Efficacy Scale (T-SES) and a self-reflection survey based on the National Dual Language Education Teacher Preparation Standards (NDLETPS). The NIC designed a series of coaching sessions that used vicarious and mastery experiences to promote new TWI teachers’ self-efficacy, specifically in terms of language-based instructional strategies. Results indicated that teachers’ self-efficacy and perceived abilities regarding language-based instructional strategies improved substantially during the study. The results point to the effectiveness of instructionally-focused mentoring for novice teachers using a coaching model that moves from vicarious to mastery experiences. The study also highlights the unique challenges experienced by TWI teachers and the importance of tailoring professional development to TWI teachers’ needs, subsequently supporting the English Learners (ELs) that TWI programs aim to serve. Lastly, results emphasize the importance of professional collaboration for new-to-the-profession TWI teachers.

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