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Doctor of Education (EdD)


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Linda Samek, Ed.D

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Pam Fifer, Ed.D.

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David Cimbora, Ph.D.


National nursing education organizations are responding to the trends and challenges in healthcare with updated professional guidelines and a call for transformation in nursing education. The purpose of this study was to improve clinical performance evaluation in a baccalaureate prelicensure nursing program by developing a clinical evaluation instrument that is aligned with The Essentials: Core Competencies for Professional Nursing Education. The Context Input Process Product (CIPP) Evaluation Model was used as a framework to guide decisions and appraise the quality of the end product. During instrument development, I revised an existing instrument to align with the Essentials, assessed the face validity of the instrument by conducting a focus group interview with nursing program faculty, and surveyed content experts to refine instrument items and increase its content validity. Once final revisions were made, I conducted a focus group interview of nursing students to help guide the future implementation of the new instrument. The clinical evaluation instrument achieved a high content validity level among experts with a scale content validity index (S-CVI/Ave) of .976. The instrument has garnered the support of nursing program faculty and students for future use in a capstone nursing course, with meaningful student and faculty input for successful future implementation in the nursing program.

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