Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


School of Education

First Advisor

Jenelle Stone, Ph.D

Second Advisor

Marc Shelton, Ed.D


The purpose of this Implementation Science Dissertation in Practice (ISDiP) was to improve student achievement through the use of short, easily implemented, targeted interventions, performed by the classroom teacher. The targeted interventions provided in this study were aligned to specific skill areas, identified by the aimswebPlus Early Literacy Benchmark (ELB), and were evidence-based intervention tools currently in use within the district. The interventions were designed to be delivered by teachers within their literacy instructional blocks, and were 5-15 minutes in length. Teachers were asked to collect data using an aimswebPlus probe every two weeks to track student progress. Teachers then completed bi-weekly Google Surveys to track student participation in the interventions, and also were invited to complete a post-intervention interview to allow their feedback to inform future use of the intervention toolkit.

The student data at the end of the study reflected growth for every student over the eleven week intervention cycle in their focus area of intervention. While the intended outcome of this study was to impact student achievement, the research team also learned important information about teacher application of intervention that has implications for future intervention planning. The student outcome data demonstrated the effectiveness of the toolkit, and the drivers for the successful implementation of the interventions (ease of use, progress monitoring, time needed) are discussed within this report.