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Doctor of Education (EdD)


School of Education

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Shannon Zavala

Second Advisor

Dane Joseph, Ph.D.

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Maranda Turner, Ed.D.


This study examined factors that contributed to creating a robust dual language program and identified organizational barriers. This research documented the journey of a dual language program in a small suburban district named Oak Hill School District. The district has gone through significant demographic changes over the last 28 years. By completing a PEST analysis, this research documented macro events that influenced the success and challenges of the dual language program. Since few artifacts regarding the dual language journey are archived at the district level, I had to gather demographic data and policies implemented over the past 28 years connected to the evolution of the district dual language programs. I gathered relevant archived documents connecting to dual language programming in Oak Hill School District and crossreference them with secondary sources. Through this study, the goal was to determine the reasons behind the outcomes produced by the dual language program in some of the schools after 28 years of implementation at the elementary level and to provide guidance as the programs start to rebrand dual language with a district mission and vision.

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