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Doctor of Education (EdD)


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Gary Tiffin

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Sue Harrison

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Kathleen Gathercoal


Although educational equity and school climate are considered critical factors to ensuring the success of every student in the 21st century (Darling-Hammond, 2010; Mitchell, Bradshaw, & Leaf, 2010; Skrla, McKenzie, & Scheurich, 2009), limited research has explored the relationship and strength of association between indicators of educational equity and school climate. Literature in these areas has largely treated these areas as separate. Using quantitative data from 24,757 students and 1,404 staff, this statistical analysis investigated whether middle school students and teachers perceive equity in school climate differently based on race, and whether a relationship between perceived equity and school climate exists. Results indicated staff and student’s perceptions of equity in school climate by race, school, and year. The data revealed an absence of significant relationships based on race/ethnicity. Results also suggest that the longterm commitment of the District to the Education For the Future strategic data driven continuous school improvement process effected positive equitable systemic change. The significant need for further research exploring the relationships between perceived educational equity and school climate in order to identify indicators of measurement that promote equitable systemic strategies for the best educational results for each student are discussed.

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