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Doctor of Education (EdD)


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Patrick Allen

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Ginny Birky

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Terry Huffman


The purpose of this study was to explore possible correlations between how individual teachers experience leadership density and their balanced scorecard totals. The literature review conceptualizes leadership density at the intersection of leadership theory and healthy school culture. Leadership density is then operationalized to a vetted theoretical framework and corresponding instrument. Existing data was derived from a public lottery-based K-8 charter school. As a balanced feedback mechanism for teachers, the site school employed an annual bonus scorecard calculator. Each teacher’s balanced scorecard included academic growth, supervisor evaluation, and parent surveys.

This research aimed to expand scholarly understandings of how teachers experience leadership density through professional interactions in relation to balanced scorecard totals. Balanced teacher scorecard totals served as the dependent variable of this study. Focusing on the individual teacher as the unit of measurement, a correlational study examined whether existing leadership assessment data and balanced scorecard totals were significantly associated. Teacher responses on each section of the leadership survey were analyzed in relation to individual teacher’s balanced scorecard totals. Two career variables were additionally explored as independent variables. The findings from this research were intended to generate intriguing questions, nuanced insights, and interesting connections. The results of this quantitative data analysis challenge common assumptions in two significant ways. First, a strong positive correlation was found between how teachers experience leadership density in their own role and individualized balanced scorecard totals. Second, no correlation was found between teachers’ years of teaching experience or level of education and balanced scorecard totals.


Presented to the Doctor of Educational Leadership Department and the School of Education, George Fox University.
In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Education.

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