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Doctor of Education (EdD)


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Dr. Patrick Allen

Second Advisor

Dr. Ken Badley

Third Advisor

Dr. Karen Buchanan


This is a phenomenological study of five Grade 12 students and their perceptions of the factors in their Christian school that have contributed to their spiritual development. Through interviews with each of the students, the details of the students’ perceptions revealed how and why specific people, practices, and elements of school culture affected their spirituality. All of these students provided keen insights through honest and vulnerable reflection. The major thematic categories that emerged were teachers, peers, spiritual practices, and the positive school community and ethos. The major recommendations for practice is to consider how the school can find avenues for the students to participate in formational spiritual practices that meet both corporate and individual needs. In addition, the school might consider how the implementation of restorative practices and how a redesign of the Bible curriculum might address the unique spiritual needs of students.