Pedagogy For Christian Worldview Formation: A Grounded Theory Study of Bible College Teaching Methods

Rob Lindemann, George Fox University


To date, only emerging qualitative data exist on pedagogy employed specifically for worldview formation, especially in Christian contexts. Using a grounded theory approach, I carried out this qualitative research using personal interviews with the goal of discovering a theory for the processes expert teachers use in employing effective worldview pedagogy. Data was gathered through personal interviews with six participants who were nominated by their presidents or deans as suitable candidates according to the criteria of an expert teacher in this aspect of Bible college teaching.

The process of qualitative coding led to a theory of pedagogy for Christian worldview formation characterized by four themes: a) setting clarity on what aspect of worldview formation the teacher aims to affect, b) designing relevant holistic objectives that bring coherence between the world the student experiences and the Christian values that apply to it, c) using teaching methods that move along a continuum of deconstruction and reconstruction strategies along with active learning exercises, which helps set a trajectory for students’ ongoing worldview development, and d) compiling assessment data from tools that focus on specific areas of worldview development and measure small gains in keeping with an appropriate pace of formation.