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Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


School of Education

First Advisor

Patrick Allen, PhD

Second Advisor

Dane Joseph, PhD

Third Advisor

Susanna Thornhill, PhD


This study explored the relationship between traditional measures of teacher status (experience, level of education and certification) and student achievement growth in mathematics in international schools in Brazil. These measures have been explored extensively in educational research in the United States. However, similar studies have not been conducted in international school settings. The literature review investigated the existing body of literature on teacher status as well as the nature of mathematics achievement in international schools and the rise in use of value-added models as a means of measuring growth. Multiple regression analysis was used to determine the impact of teacher professional characteristics on student achievement growth in mathematics. A significant challenge that was identified and discussed in the study was the difficulty in collecting data and conducting quantitative research in international schools. This challenge limited the findings of the study; nevertheless, some findings from the study intend to initially deepen an understanding of some of the unique characteristics of international schools and provide a basis for future research. The results of the study therefore added to the current body of research on the relationship between teacher status and student achievement growth and also added to the small body of research on international schools.