Book Review: Karl Barth’s Emergency Homiletic 1932-1933: A Summons to Prophetic Witness at the Dawn of the Third Reich

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Book Review

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Angela Dienhart Hancock, a graduate of the Princeton Theological Seminary, currently serves as assistant professor of homiletics and worship at the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. This notable volume is her first publication of a vast investigation on Karl Barth’s theology, particularly his homiletic. In the introduction, she queries, “What does a theologian [Barth] say to young preachers [in the class] on the dawn of the Third Reich?” (xv). In this respect, she intends to explore Barth’s emergency homiletic by primarily researching his unpublished lecture notes, Übungen in der Predigtvorbereitung (Exercises in Sermon Preparation) of 1932-1933. For appropriate interpretation of Barth’s homiletic, she attempts an intricate description of the multilayered socio-political context of the theologian.


Originally published in Homiletic, Winter 2013.

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