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Making Room at the Table is a collection of essays sharing Christian theologians’ struggles with the 21st century’s emerging theological issue of multicultural worship. This publication is twelve essays written by current and former members of faculty at Princeton Theological Seminary. By adopting the primary metaphor of Christian worship, the Lord’s Table, the writers make an effort to answer these main questions; “How do we celebrate the Lord together by maintaining each unique cultural identity?”, “How do we keep tension between worship that is faithful to our own theological and liturgical histories and worship that at the same time is open to the transformation that can come through the engagement with many cultures?” and “How do we make worship more relevant to and inclusive of groups that have often been excluded such as youth, minorities, and other marginalized peoples?(x).” The essays are collected into three categories: biblical foundations, theological foundations, and practical theological foundations for multicultural worship.


Originally published in Asian American Theological Forum, February, 2016.

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