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Nationality unknown. 1he only occurrences of the name Luke in the New Testament come in Paul's letters, where Luke is the apostle's traveling companion and a physician (Col 4:14; 2 Tim 4:11; Phlm 24; cf. also 2 Cor 8:18). Some see the same person in Lucius (Rom 16:21) and Lucius of Cyrene (Acts 13:1). The New Testament's third gospel and the book of Acts are anonymous but are traditionally ascribed to the Luke of Paul's letters; this traditional Luke is the subject of this article.


Originally published in the Encyclopedia of Christian Literature, Vol. 2: Biographies H-Z, ed. George T. Kurian (Scarecrow Press, 2010), 438-439, reproduced by permission of Rowman & Littlefield.

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