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Pentecostals have reached people from many different nationalities, races, languages, and social status. This inevitably leads to a great diversity within the movement and Allan Anderson has rightly pointed out that, “it is very difficult to find some common unifying features or distinctiveness by which they might be defined." However, it is certainly true that Pentecostalism is greatly diverse, yet it can also be argued that one of the most important characteristics of this movement is the display of emotion or feeling in both public and personal worship. Pentecostal worship is filled with emotional expressions such as crying, laughing, and shaking. Harvey Cox observes that this emotional expression is what attracts modern people who have been deeply trapped in ‘the ecstasy deficits’ to the Pentecostal movement.


Originally published in A Theology of the Spirit in Doctrine and Demonstration in Wipf and Stock 2015 book publication

ISBN: 1498217648

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