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This catalogue presents information on twenty-three previously uncatalogued Ethiopian manuscripts held in three University Libraries and one private collection in England.

Two prior catalogues of the Ethiopian manuscripts in the Bodleian Libraty (Oxford) have been produced. In 1848, A. Dillmann described thirty-five manuscripts in his Cata!ogus Codicum Manuscriplorum Bibliothccae Bodleianae Oxoniensis, Pars. VII. Codices Aethiopici (Oxford). In 1951, Edward Ullendorff described another sixty-six manuscripts in his Catalogue of' Ethiopian Manuscripts in the Bodleian Librwy, Volume II (Oxford). This catalogue describes another fourteen Ethiopian manuscripts at the Bodleian, bringing the total to one hundred fifteen.


Originally published in A Catalogue of Previously Uncatalogued Ethiopic Manuscripts in England: Twenty-three Manuscripts in the Bodleian, by Steve Delamarter and Demeke Berhane, 2007, reproduced by permission of Oxford University Press.

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