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Excerpt: "This newly emerging culture is upon us. This change in Western culture requires a new breed of leader to emerge. There are many usable definitions concerning leadership. Leadership may appear in many forms, come from many theories, and be derived from many sources, but all are likely to guide through actions, influence, or service. 80 The new emerging leader of the 21st century will understand the relationship between the four principle leadership models: (1) Servant Leadership, (2) Situational Leadership, (3) Leadership and the New Science, and ( 4) Christian Leadership.

In Chapter Three, I will introduce and explore the cultural shift that is surfacing within the United States and for that matter, Western Society abroad. I'll discuss its effect upon leadership perceptions and development and will introduce three major themes of cultural change. We're in need of a leadership with perspective and that perspective is colored by the prismatic tapestry of our evolving culture. So let's turn the page to explore and collect some new colors of understanding as we venture into the future of the 21st century.


Originally published as chapter two of Leadership Alive: Changing Leadership Practices within the Emerging 21st Century Culture. (2008, Paperback 240 pages, ISBN: 978-0-9770110-4-9). Boise, ID: Leadership Alive, Inc.