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The successful program manager is constantly seeking to learn and broaden his or her knowledge and experience in order to take on more complex and critical programs. The program management competency model was developed in order to address the breadth, depth, and complexity of the program management role. This chapter uses the program management competency model to detail the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for program managers to continually grow as professionals and consistently succeed in their role. The various types of competencies that are discussed in the chapter are: customer and market competencies, business and financial competencies, process and project management competencies, and leadership competencies. Additionally, the chapter discusses the key organizational enablers needed to make the competency model fully effective and to adequately support the program management discipline within an organization.


Originally published as chapter eleven in Martinelli, R., Waddell, J. M., & Rahschulte, T. (2014). Program Management for Improved Business Results (2nd ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.


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