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A financial education program is only as good as the people who staff it. In order to get the right people on staff, careful attention must be paid to the strategy and execution of recruiting and hiring. Underlying the strategy is the determination of which staff positions are needed and how the roles will be defined. Various questions need to be addressed, such as: What financial resources are available? What types of services is the program planning to offer? What is the level of counselor content expertise? What is the type and size of facility where counseling will take place? How large is the program and who is the program’s target audience? With what other programs on campus is there possible opportunity for collaboration? The impact of a financial education program on a college campus is limited only by its implementation. Careful attention to the processes of staff selection is paramount in determining the early trajectory of such a program.


Originally published as chapter three of in D. B. Durband & S. L. Britt (Eds.), Student financial literacy: Campus-based program development (pp. 27-36). New York, NY: Springer, 2012. ISBN: 978-1-4614-3504-4