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Research indicates that numerous variables influence an organization’s ability to change and innovate. There is a need to understand a leadership model that focuses on the aspects of human resource development (HRD). Furthermore, it is important for the HRD model of leadership to foster and support creativity and innovation in organizations. In response to this need, this article identifies and explains a developmental leadership model rooted within the HRD framework of organized learning, change, interventions, and development. The focus of this work is to discuss how a developmental leadership style can generate new perspectives in HRD that translate to innovation for the organization. Consequently, this article shares a theoretical model for different roles that make up developmental leadership in practice activities, while exploring the construct of development leadership, its purpose, roles, core values, characteristics, and impact on innovation and creativity. This article explores the potential of Developmental Leadership in HRD as a driver of organizational innovation. The stakeholders involved are organizations, leaders, and followers. A clear understanding of developmental leadership and innovation informs ways of doing business at many levels.