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This study fuses theories on cultural intelligence, networking activities and adjustment by introducing networking tendencies with different actors in foreign work environments as a case-specific determinant of the impact of cultural intelligence (CQ) on adjustment of Korean expatriates. Specifically, adjustment of expatriates with TCN-leaning support networks and those with HCN-leaning support networks are discussed in relation to factors of CQ, including mental, motivational and behavioral CQ. Results of a study of 107 Korean managers recently repatriated from foreign assignments in Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia show significant differences in the influence of CQ dimensions on adjustment for expatriates who utilize TCN-leaning networking versus those who utilize HCN-leaning networking. This study has important implications for corporate training, especially for firms implementing predeparture and in-country cultural training.


Originally published in The Journal of International Trade and Commerce in 2013

ISSN: 1738-8112, 2384-1958

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