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Think about how you spent the past day, week, or even month. Why did you spend it that way? Why did you invest your time the way you did? Did you go to work? Why do you go to work every day? Did you go to your daughter's recital or your son's play? Why? Did you get some exercise? Did you take your partner to lunch? Did you go to the neighborhood barbecue? Why?

On the surface, our answers to these questions may be simple: I go to work to make money so I can pay my bills and support a certain lifestyle for my family. I go to my kids' events to support them. I love my partner. I enjoy spending time with my neighbors. There may be deeper drivers for each of these decisions as well.


Originally published as chapter two of My Best Advice: Proven Rules for Effective Leadership, pages 15-26, by IntelliPress Media, 2018.

ISBN-13: 9780999589403

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