Spring 2022

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School of Business

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Mitchell Priestley


The purpose of our paper is to discover what factors about student lifestyles affect how often students experience symptoms of depression, using anonymous survey results from 96 George Fox students. We will explore if how many days a student is depressed per month might be determined by factors such as the number of hours spent in a week doing schoolwork, working, doing something enjoyable, social media usage and their housing status. We determined that our sample of 96 was representative enough of the George Fox undergraduate student population to be able to use in our regressions. Additionally, we found that our data was reasonable to use because it met the assumption criteria for linearity, homoscedasticity, and normality of errors. Through our research we ultimately found four factors that were significant in determining the number of days students are depressed per month: time doing schoolwork, time with friends, time doing something enjoyable, hours of sleep, and living on or off campus.