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Group Picture at Twin Rocks, (front row sitting) 1.David LeShana 2.? 3.Arthur Roberts 4.Ed Higgins 5.Lon Fendall 6.Roy Clark 7.Pete Snow (front row standing) 1.Lana Stanley 2.Genette McNichols 3.? 4.Nadine Brood 5.Helen Street 6.Marjorie Weesner 7.Bob Gilmore 8.Phyllis Cammack (second row standing) 1.Gladys Friesen 2.Mary Green 3.George Moore 4.? 5.Bob Lauinger 6.Sheldon Louthan 7.Frank Cole 8.Genevieve Cole 9.Elver Voth 10.Dale Orkney 11.? 12.Harvey Campbell (third row) 1. Joe Gilmore 2.Paul Mills 3.? 4.Paul Cammack 5.Arthur Roberts 6.Barry Hubbell 7.? 8.Don Chittick 9.Harold Wilhite 10.Hector Munn (fourth row - very back, left side) 1.Gerry Friesen 2.Jim Stanley 3.Dennis Hagen, September 1971


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