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Excerpt: "Today, when the problem with the written word is not too little, but too much-- too much that is either a waste of time, vulgar, or blasphemous-- the power of a memorized creed lies in its reminder of the majesty of God, who He is, and our relationship to Him. Some Christians object to creeds, claiming the Bible is all they need. The mistake in this thinking is the idea that a Biblical creed is something outside the Bible, when in fact it is a memorable and valuable expression of Biblical truths that help us explain what we believe. Indeed, the Apostle Peter tells us to be prepared to give an account of our faith. One way to prepare is to memorize the Apostle’s Creed as many Christians did in the early centuries of the Christian faith. Knowing the Apostle’s Creed helps us explain the Christian faith; and saying the Apostle’s Creed is an act of worship that strengthens the believer for the trials of the day."


Revised February 2020.