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Excerpt: "Norm Ewert and Sharon Coolidge live simply in an affluent suburb. They are Wheaton College professors committed to caring for the poor around the world. Before she and Norm married, Sharon had purchased a small home a couple blocks from campus. After they married, they expanded and remodeled the 1850s home, using recycled materials (leaded windows from a school, French doors from a church, a carved staircase salvaged from a house fire) and adding a reservoir to capture and reuse rainwater, a solarium with well-placed windows for passive heat, and thick walls for insulation. As Mennonites they live simply and compassionately, using their resources and energy to help others forge sustainable lives. They are strong supporters of Ten Thousand Villages, a nonprofit program of the Mennonite Central Committee that works with artisans from Third World countries, providing a market and fair prices for their crafts so that they can earn a livable wage. Norm and Sharon extend care toward a broad community, a "home" that reaches far beyond boundaries marked by family, neighborhood, church and nationality And in caring for others, they find contentment in their own lives."


Taken from The Contented Soul by Lisa Graham McMinn. Copyright (c) 2006 by Lisa Graham McMinn. Used by permission of InterVarsity Press, P.O. Box 1400, Downers Grove, IL 60515, USA.