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Excerpt: "The ship, El Perdido, was damaged during a storm which knocked out its main and backup power generators. Before the backup generator failed, Captain Miguel Gomez sent a distress call and the crew have been able to keep El Perdido a oat, but the ship is adrift in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California. Thankfully, a US Coast Guard rescue operation is underway after receiving the distress call. The Coast Guard has El Perdido's last known position and has mapped out the surface water velocities in this area as slope fields for longitude (x) and latitude (y), which they have updated using historical data and estimated predictions. Since the search grid is small enough, this curved region on the surface of the earth is relatively at."


Originally published as R. Corban Harwood's article, “Lost at Sea: Introduction to Numerical Methods through Navigation,” in SIMIODE Technique Narratives, 1(5) pp. 1–15 (March 2019).