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5 Why a new magazine?
In his first editorial, the editor spells out the concerns and reasons behind the new Evangelical Friend.

6 The Evangelical Friends Alliance
"It is a means whereby four yearly meetings can cooperate in areas of common need and ministry."

8 New dimensions in evangelism
"Too long has the church in America waited for people to come to it."

10 'Borne of four'
Veteran Missionaries Roscoe and Tina Knight begin their ministry as EF A workers in Mexico.

13 Five years of Friends Youth
Strengthened bonds of unity result from cooperative conferences, a common name and a magazine.

14 KORO Crusade
"Through this united effort we desire that every Sunday school will 'Keep On Reaching Out'."

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Publication Date


Evangelical Friend, September 1967 (Vol. 1, No. 1)