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News of Friends
Wichita's Northridge Church initiates team ministry,
Other news of Friends. Page 2

A report: The Evangelical Friends Conference, 1971. Page 5
Have you read Jeremiah lately? Page 20

The Friends Church - is now!
"Now! It is time to exploit our opportunities ... to go into our cities ... to make love supreme." Page 6

Christian community
Northwest Yearly Meeting's new superintendent, Norval Hadley, brings home new thoughts on community from South American pastors conferences. Page 8

Missionary Voice
Have men failed? 10
A missionary diary during a revolution 11
'Africans read' ... true ... or false? 12
They chose a continuing memorial 13
Joy in sorrow 13

The responsibility of Ministry and Oversight
"A loyal Ministry and Oversight can get wonderful messages out of a very ordinary preacher. Just prove it. It works." Page 14

Regular Features
Friends Write 2
The Face of the World 4
Reach and Teach 18
Over the Teacup 17
The Children's Page 16


Northwest Supplement

Publication Date


Evangelical Friend, November 1971 (Vol. 5, No. 3)