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A strategy for action
A further look at the first General Conference of the Evangelical Friends Alliance to be held at Wichita in July. Page 2

More than speed reading
"Real Christian education furnishes a set of values that are not just well-established- they are absolute." Page 5

Essays on the Christian college
The challenge of change 7
Will our Christian colleges survive in the 1970s? 81
Christian education - a Christian world view 9
Thoughts on selecting a College 10

Beginning with me
An ad hoc "Committee of Concerned Friends for Renewal" calls for a national conference in October. Page 11

Missionary Voice
A round the world in 72 days. The administrative assistant of Ohio Yearly Meeting reports on a thrilling missionary survey tour. Page 12

Regular Features
The Face of the World 4
Friends Write 4
The Children's Page 14
Reach and Teach 15
Books 15
Over the Teacup 16


Ohio Supplement
Southwest Supplement
Rocky Mountain Supplement
Northwest Supplement


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Evangelical Friend, April 1970 (Vol. 3, No. 8)